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Advanced Monitoring and Control Solutions. Unlock new data from your production line. In real time.

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SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) systems. The new technology stack for digitally transforming your business.

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Leveraging the opportunities offered by H2020: Research and Innovation for knowhow, IP, competitiveness and growth.

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Digitally transform your business for growth, profitability and client engagement.

IRIS Innovation

Leveraging H2020 for increasing our innovation capacity
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Advanced monitoring and real-time control solutions.

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The uberification of manufacturing

Whether you’re looking for something to eat for dinner, a ride to the airport, or an accommodation for your holidays, probably there’s an app in your mobile phone that fits your case. That’s the basis of the on-demand economy: satisfying an instantaneous need through a specific solution  delivered in mobility or at your place. The on-demand concept is not new but it is in the last few years that the on-demand economy is burgeoning, with $57.6 billion in spending just in the US, taking advantage of finally reliable business models and the possibilities provided by the new technologies. It is[...]
Dr.Gianluca Belotti
PMO Officer
PhD in Chemical Engineer
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Artificial meat production – theory or practice?

Experts have been debating about the possibility of creating artificial meat for many years. Now it´s happening. Jumping from theory to practice, though, implies several health and ethics considerations that should not be ignored. The facts. Following the creation of artificial meatballs last year, the San Francisco-based Memphis Meats startup have now announced the world's first lab-grown chicken strips. How? Artificial meat is made in vitro, i.e from pieces of lab-grown muscle tissue instead of living animals. Select mother cells are grown under sterile conditions in order to produce muscle tissue with meat characteristic texture and flavour. The cells nourish[...]
PhD Edurne Gastón Estanga
Project Manager Officer
PhD Food Science and Technology
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Food waste valorisation: new horizons for a more sustainable society

  The processing of agro-food has increased considerably during the last 25 years mainly on account of feeding the rising population. The result is the simultaneous generation of food processing wastes.  A statistical study done by Baiano [1] reveals that about 26% of food wastes are generated from the drinks industry, followed by the dairy industry (21%), fruit/vegetable production and processing (14.8%), cereal processing and manufacturing (12.9%), meat product processing and preservation (8%), manufacturing and processing of vegetable and animal oils (3.9%) fish product processing and preservation (0.4%) and others (12.7%). Such food wastes are diverted to landfills and their[...]
PhD Arunima Nayak
Marie Curie Researcher
PhD in Environmental Chemistry
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Quality by coincidence or by design? Data mining for quality control

By David F.Nettleton (Ph.D.) and Elodie Bugnicourt (Ph.D.) Quality by coincidence? This is unlikely. Quality is much more likely to be the result of the right combination of a diversity of processes, raw materials, and external parameters. In fact, any quality control manager would know that for complex products, whatever the number and type of final tests made, there may always be a few batches that seemed to be in spec but somehow finally did not meet the customer’s satisfaction. And in fact, human cognition reaches its limits when trying to correlate all the individual parameters which could have led[...]
Carlota Feliu
Marketing Department
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MyToolBox continues on good track after one year of project development

MyToolBox project consortium celebrated the Year 1 Project Steering Commitee meeting, beginning of March, in IRIS facilities (Castelldefels, Barcelona). During 2 days  35 attendees representing the majority of MyToolBox project partners, including our Chinese partners from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences: Prof. Liu Yang, Prof Jinquan Wang and Dr. Peilong Yang and Hans van Edmond from the MyToolBox Advisory Committee discussed the work progress to date and planned year 2. Overall project is in good track and ready to face a new year of development. MyToolBox ( - "Safe Food and Feed through an Integrated ToolBox for Mycotoxin Management"[...]
Carlota Feliu
Marketing Department
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