A common technology for MEMS, nanocomposites and food processing?


ElectrosprayWith an annual business growth rate over 35%, electrospray and its sister process electrospinning are new but extremely versatile and promising technologies based on liquid atomisation through the use of electrical forces. Electrospraying is used for nanodeposition whereas electrospinning allows producing continuous fibers. Engineering of coreshells, nanofibers, textiles, microelectromechanical systems and microfluidic systems, use in biomedical, food, active packaging, cosmetics, encapsulation, drug delivery are only some of the applications reported for these 2 processes.

IRIS employed plasma surface activation followed by electrospraying technology in the Manucoat project whereby nanodeposition of titanium dioxide was performed in continuous operation to obtain self-cleaning and antimicrobial textiles.





Dr. Ing. Elodie Bugnicourt
Project Manager Officer
PhD in Polymer & Composite Materials

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