ECOBULK Project Kick-off


David Nettleton and Rosa Arias of IRIS Advanced Engineering recently participated in the launch of ECOBULK in Delft (Holland) on the 26-27th of June, an ambitious and innovative Horizon2020-funded circular economy project.

ECOBULK through a large-scale demonstration effort will contribute to “closing the loop” of composite products in the automotive, furniture and building sectors by promoting greater re-use, upgrade, refurbishment and recycling of products, parts, and materials.


The ECOBULK project aims to tackle current circular economy challenges by:

  • Defining an overarching framework for the circular economy
  • Collaboration between partners who represent all stages of a product life cycle from its initial design to its end-of-life waste management.
  • Specific case studies in the automotive, construction and furniture sectors
  • Building a decision support and quality control system which analyses a materials knowledge base and historical best practices case repository to recommend different recycling processing options.

During the four-year project, IRIS will be participating in the development of the Decision Support System and the Quality Control System, using advanced machine learning and statistical techniques to model material composites, optimise production practices and implement a case based reasoning framework.

IRIS is pleased to be collaborating with almost 30 partners in the project, including Exergy Ltd (U.K.), the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC, MCIA Innovation Electronics Centre, Spain),  and Granta Design Ltd (U.K.)

For more details check out the following link:

Carlota Feliu
Marketing Department

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