Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud technologies (or SMAC for short) are four technologies that are at the core of digital transformation and the fast growing Digital Economy.

Why you should not ignore SMAC? The benefits.

As we move deeper into the Digital Economy, more emphasis is being placed on a company’s ability to connect and leverage data for its production environment, as well as from its customers in fast-changing digital marketing trends. SMAC pulls process, product and customer data taken from social, mobile, analytics and cloud technology to drive efficiencies, productivity, flexibility, better understanding and ability to respond to market customer needs. The model leverages the combined power of these technologies to drive new levels of productivity for business, together with enhanced customer interaction, and new levels of engagement along the value chain.

#Stay Competitive in a Digital World.

How can we help?

IRIS is using the SMAC technology stack to develop solutions for manufacturers so they can more easily and successfully create a customer-centric business.

Interested in what SMAC can do to future proof your business and ensure you retain your competitive position? Contact us