Visum HSI

Chemical sight to extend artificial vision beyond colours: Quantitative composition with spatial resolution


The VISUM HSI is an Industrial in-line NIR Image HyperSpectra analyzer that can be integrated into any type of production line for real-time monitoring of product quality when the spatial information (shape and position) is relevant, extending artificial vision to chemical sight.

VISUM HSI is a high-precision and designed for harsh industrial environments.

Main features

  • Detection of materials by Image HyperSpectra that go beyond those usually detected (plastics, cardboard, stones, metals, etc.) using the traditional methods (artificial vision, metal detectors, X-ray detectors, etc.)
  • Continuous monitoring of Quality Parameters ensuring measurement of all the product units
  • In-line monitoring of product distribution to ensure the homogeneity and quantity of ingredients desired in each product unit
  • Unexpected Anomaly Detection: Early warning in the event of unexpected changes in the product’s composition
  • Non-destructive testing
  • No sample preparation.
  • Product standardization.
  • Fraud detection
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Continuous analysis
  • Improvement of quality and safety.
  • Higher performance.
  • Fewer customer complaints.
  • Brand image protection.
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Acquisition mode

Push-broom (the field-of-view is scanned line by line)

Spectral range

900 -1700 nm

Number of spectral channels


Number of pixels / line


Acquisition speed

> 300 lines/s

Acquisition geometry

Diffuse reflectance

Ingress protection


Basic connectivity

Ethernet (TCP/IP)

User interface

External PC-based

Data output

Ethernet (TCP/IP), Profibus DP RS485

Operation mode

Slave / Continuous