Challenge-it, Environment-it 12 Agosto 2022

IRIS Technology launches “BioWaste Hub”

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Did you know that more than 100 million tonnes of organic waste is thrown away every year within the European Union?

Currently, 75% of organic waste goes to landfill or is incinerated, causing major environmental problems as it pollutes soil, groundwater and emits greenhouse gases. The remaining percentage is mainly used to generate biogas and compost as a biological fertiliser. In other words, the amount of organic waste that is cycled back into the economy, i.e. used to produce goods of economic value, is very low.

BioWaste Hub: informs, educates, connects and transforms

IRIS Technology’s hyperspectral system classifying organic waste to optimise parameters of a bioreactor in Madrid.

BioWaste Hub: informs, educates, connects and transforms

In this context, IRIS Technology launched the “BioWaste Hub” initiative, a platform created in the framework of the European Scalibur project (Horizon 2020) together with a large consortium of companies and institutions from all over Europe, which connects all the players in the bio-waste management value chain: collectors, municipalities, energy providers, sorters, research centres, private companies and anyone who wants to participate and play a role in helping to convert all that huge amount of waste into materials with economic utility such as bioplastics, biofilms, biocomposites, energy or biofertilisers. In turn, BioWaste Hub is a valuable resource centre containing all the research applied to organic waste management, recovery techniques and available technologies that has been developed in the last 6 years of work of the European consortium in which IRIS Technology participates mainly with technological solutions for detection, measurement and classification of waste.

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