Real-time verifying of the quality of the product: from the raw material to the final product at any stage of the production process.

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The VISUM Palm is a portable NIR analyzer for real-time chemical composition determination to improve quality product, reducing production costs and lead time, minimizing risks in the production chain.

Small and handy but robust and designed for industrial environments, VISUM Palm also eliminates removing probes from the process stream for background collection or qualification.

Main features

  • Raw material identification; fast quality control of the incoming raw material in the warehouse to measure key quality parameters, adulterations detection or degradation.
  • On-site use for at-line control of key parameters for food product standardization
  • Critical Process Parameters (CPP) monitoring along the line
  • Non-destructive testing.
  • No sample preparation.
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Improvement of quality and safety.
  • Higher performance.
  • Fewer customer complaints.
  • Brand image protection.
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InGaAs Photodiode array

Spectral Range

900 - 1700 nm

Typical single spectrum acquisition time

10 ms

Spectral resolution

3 nm

Acquisition geometry

Diffuse reflectance, interactance and transflectance (with a dedicated holder)


1.9 kg

Ingress protection


Power supply for charging the battery in the dock station

230 VAC (1-phase). Consumption < 100W

Light source lifetime

1 year (standard use)

Built-in computer

A7 Dual-Core ARM Ⓡ

Basic connectivity

Ethernet (TCP/IP)

User interface

Built-in 5.3 inch resistive touchscreen and manually operated trigger for acquiring the spectra



Portable NIR laboratory for quality control and product standardisation

Meat Industry

Fat, protein and moisture monitoring

Powders; flour, cocoa, etc.

Moisture and protein monitoring
Particle size determination


Routine quality control of edible oils
Total acidity in frying palm oil
Quality parameters monitoring; water-in-oil, water-in-marc, oil-in-marc, etc.

Portable PAT Device for raw material identification and Critical Process Parameters (CPP) monitoring along the line

Raw Materia

API identification
API Particle size determination

Process Control

Formulation quality control

Portable NIR Device for Material Identification, Quality Control Monitoring and Critical Process Parameters (CPP)

Waste Management

Polymer identification
Black plastic coated with an inorganic compound clasification


Ethanol & sugar concentration during fermentation process

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