Visum Raman In-Line

Industrial Raman spectroscopy in-line analyzer and real-time process control.


The Visum In-Line Raman Analyzer, which operates on the basis of Raman spectroscopy, is a powerful tool that provides quantitative and qualitative information on a wide variety of substances and mixtures in just seconds, even those containing water, quickly and efficiently. It is non-destructive and requires no sample preparation.

Visum Raman In-Line is a process analytical technology (PAT) tool for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, plastics, chemical and other industries that allows continuous and safe control, reducing design or manufacturing costs, quality control and time to market. It integrates with process machinery and plant information systems. Raman spectroscopy - unlike NIR spectroscopy - is particularly suitable for aqueous and relatively homogeneous media as well as for the characterization of mixtures involving inorganic compounds. It is therefore a complementary tool to NIR spectroscopy.

Raman Spectroscopy in-line analyzer

Main Features

  • Identification of APIs and excipients
  • Process monitoring and characterization in bioreactors
  • Contamination detection
  • Crystallization process monitoring
  • Core content and coated commitment prediction
  • Polymerization process control
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