About IRIS: Process and quality control solutions

We are the leading European company in the manufacture of photonic and artificial intelligence solutions for the control of industrial and production processes in real time.

Our story so far
about iris


To bring Innovation to Industry by the creation and integration of high-end technologies and solutions.


To become a world leading advanced engineering company applying our passion and talent to push the limits of technology. Our R&D+I VISION is to use our R&D+I capabilities and R&D projects to capitalise the knowledge, to create new products to the market and to develop new industrial applications to keep our competitiveness up to date and open new markets.

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About IRIS: Our history, this is how it started


This is how it started

IRIS is founded in Barcelona as an advanced engineering company and starts on a journey to scale up promising process optimisation technology and solutions for improving industry.


IRIS expertise in Key Enabling Technologies position the company at the top ten in Spain

Thanks to our vision, and to the talent and hard work of our multidisciplinary team-with analytical, design, production and integration capabilities-, we secure a niche positioning as an innovative R&D and engineering service provider bridging the gap between University and Industry. IRIS successfully delivers on numerous R&D projects in the areas of Process Analytical Technologies (PAT), Photonics, IoT and ICTs, scaling up challenging technologies, generating knowhow and key patents for our business, and contributing to outstanding scientific publications.


Quality in the center

IRIS commits to a programme of continuous quality improvement and obtains certification under ISO 9001:2008 and UNE-EN-ISO 166002: Management Systems R&D&i


VISUM Family, our real-time monitoring devices are born.

Thanks to our solid R&D track record, we have been able to make significant progress in our own Technology Roadmap, allowing us to design and develop our own devices based on Infrared Spectroscopy and fulfil a mission of integrating novel inline monitoring systems for quality improvement and process standardisation in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, among others. Finally, in 2016, the VISUM brand is born. VISUM delivers a powerful value proposition to industry: bringing affordable and reliable laboratory analytical capability into manufacturing lines (Lab2Line) and right along the value chain (Lab2Chain) for real-time process monitoring and quality inspection purposes.


Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to explote the bid data

As the Industry 4.0 Revolution gathers momentum, in 2017 IRIS creates a new Digital unit dedicated to the development of cloud and on-premise smart manufacturing solutions capable of exploiting process/manufacturing data with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning tools. This adds further strength to our Value Proposition for our clients: the ability to convert data into actionable information for industry and to enable digitised and connected industries and value chains for improved efficiencies, customer orientation, circularity and competitiveness.


New office and new identity but keeping the excellence and hard work

2020 has put us to the test. In a year filled with challenges that they have shook the core of industry and economies across the world, we have pushed forward with even greater strength: deep technology, digitisation and the ability to innovate are core pillars for helping our clients respond and build resilience in the face of a rapidly changing world. As a company, we are grateful to our team, to our clients and to the Open Innovation ecosystem in Europe, for the ability to remain at the forefront of the state-of-the-art for ‘creating your competitive edge’


Our challenging and complex international projects provide our teams with the ideal environment for furthering their knowledge and upgrading their skills.

This is your opportunity to join a collaborative, multicultural, multidisciplinary and agile environment that will allow you to apply your skills, build on your expertise, propose new ideas, take decisions and grow.

About IRIS: Open positions

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C++ / Desktop Developer

We are looking for a .NET C# / C++ / Desktop Developer to join our growing team. IRIS is an advanced engineering company specialized in process monitoring and control solutions, as well as novel technologies for process optimization. We operat in a demanding high-performance environment where you will be continuously stimulated.


Job functions:

  • Development of customized applications in C++ to allow communication between PLCs, industrial automation equipment OPC-DA, OPC-UA, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Modbus.
  • Programming of graphical user interfaces (QT C++) for industrial machines. machines.
  • Writing technical documentation and specifications based on what has been done.
  • Stand-alone application based on QT C++ for data collection.


Key requirements:

  • Degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Minimum of 2 years of similar experience is a must
  • Good level of English

Strong experience in:

  • .NET, C # QT or similar and C / C ++
  • EntityFramework, Linq, WPF, .Net Core.
  • Design patterns: MVVC, Representante, Estado.
  • Experience working with SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server.


Highly valuable:

  • Executing projects involving the engineering design and development of “real-time applications” to connect with external hardware (sensors, cameras…)
  • Experience with Machine Learning using TensorFlow, Pytorch or similar
  • Working experience with GIT repository and used to work under Linux development environment
  • Visual Studio 2017-2019
  • Working experience under agile methodologies (SCRUM)
  • Reporting skills and willingness to redact technical reports and technical presentations for partners and clients
  • Fluent Spanish and knowledge of English for dealing with technical issues with both local and foreign partenrs and clients
  • Python


What we offer:

  • Working in challenging R&D European projects
  • Multidisciplinary and multicultural working environment
  • Flexi-time working hours
  • Fridays afternoon off
  • 23 business days of vacation + public holidays
  • Ticket Restaurant, Ticket Transport, Ticket Kindergarden (Optional)
  • Private Insurance (Optional
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Optical Engineer

We are seeking to incorporate an Optical Engineer to join our growing team. IRIS is an advanced engineering company that specializes in process monitoring and control solutions & novel technologies for process optimization.


Job functions:

  • Design and building of optical/optomechanical systems in new product development in an R&D environment.
  • Participate in all development phases; specifications, design, building, internal tests of acceptance, installation and validation at client’s facilities.
  • Carrying out state-of-the-art studies.
  • Creatively ideating complete technological solutions.
  • Performing hands-on tasks of optical alignment and measurement


Key requirements:

  • A PhD in Physics or Engineering, complemented with a specialization in Optics – or demonstrable equivalent experience or background is required
  • R&D or technological work experience in optical and/or optomechanical design
    and prototype set up
    • Expertise in some of the following subjects: spectroscopy, colour, image processing or hyper-spectral imaging
  • Specialized knowledge in Near-Infrared would be highly valuable
  • Experience on the design of devices for food or pharma industry would be a plus.
  • Good level of English (C1) is a must.
  • Willingness to travel


Highly valuable:

  • Experience in product development.
  • Good communications skills, both oral and written.
  • Excellent decision-making skills.
  • Proactivity and enthusiasm.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.


What we offer:

  • Working in challenging R&D European projects with a diverse range of partners
  • Product development working
  • Multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural working environment
  • Flexi-time working hours
  • Fridays afternoon off
  • Productive working environment
  • 23 business days of vacation + public holidays
  • Ticket Restaurant, Ticket Transport, Ticket Daycare (optional)
    • Private Insurance (optional)
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Project engineer and SAT

IRIS is an advanced engineering company specializing in process control and monitoring solutions and innovative technologies for process optimization. and monitoring solutions and innovative technologies for process optimization. We are looking for a Project & SAT Engineer to join our growing team. We are working in a high-performance place where you will be able to grow professionally.


Job functions:

  • As a project manager and team SAT you will be responsible for the relationship with the customer management and coordination of the projects, as well as in the execution of the start-ups, breakdowns and annual execution of start-ups, breakdown repairs and annual maintenance.
  • In addition, as a project manager, you will have to comply with the quality standards ISO, CE/other countries safety, document management.
  • Commissioning of equipment and installations.


Key requirements:

  • Degree in electronic / electrical / industrial engineering / Higher Degree in electricity,
    automation, electronics…
  • High level of English (minimum B2).
  • Organized, methodical person with attention to detail.
  • Analytical capacity.
  • Empathetic person.
  • Autonomous and responsible person.
  • Resolute.
  • “Handyman”.


Strong experience in:

  • Experience of at least 2/3 years in similar functions.
  • Execution of projects within sectors such as food, pharmaceutical, chemical: Electrical engineering, Automation, Electronics


Highly valuable:

  • Electrical schematics (Eplan), PLC programming.
  • C++, Arduino, Linux, etc. programming knowledge.
  • Artificial vision systems.
  • Experience in reporting, writing technical reports and technical presentations for partners and customers.
  • Good level of English to deal with technical assistance and project follow-up.
  • Availability to travel abroad.


What we offer:

  • Working on challenging European R&D projects.
  • Multidisciplinary and multicultural work environment.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Friday afternoons off.
  • Productive working environment.
  • 23 working days of vacation + public holidays.
  • Restaurant ticket, transport ticket and childcare ticket (optional).
  • Private insurance (optional).
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We are seeking to incorporate a Chemometrician to join our growing team. IRIS is an advanced engineering company that specializes in process monitoring and control solutions, as well as novel technologies for process optimization. You will work as part of a team of scientists and engineers involved in R&D projects related to Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) for quality control and process optimisation. We operate in a demanding high erformance environment where you will be continually stimulated and you will grow a lot.


Job functions:

  • Definition and optimization of sample measurement procedure; set-up definition, sample preparation, etc.
  • Spectra acquisition with different optical devices/set-ups (hyperspectral cameras, probes, other) working in different spectral ranges (Vis-NIR, SWIR, MIR, etc.) and/or with different spectroscopic technologies (NIR, raman, etc.)
  • Spectra handling by means of software programming (Matlab, python, R, etc.)
  • Chemometrics and Machine learning model application
  • Data analysis and reporting


Key requirements:

  • A Degree in Chemistry with a Master in Chemometrics or similar. Holding a PhD
    would be highly valuable.
  • Expertise in hyperspectral imaging, preferable in food or pharma applications.
  • Highly experienced in chemometrics techniques, specifically in multivariate analysis (PLS, MCR-ALS, SVM, PLS-DA etc.)
  • Expertise on molecular spectroscopic techniques specially in Infrared spectroscopy
  • Skilled in Matlab and/or other software’s for chemometrics analysis
  • An advanced level of English is a must. Spanish knowledge would be highly
  • Good research abilities, attention to detail,strong organizational skills, the ability to multitask, problem solving and excellent reporting skills
  • Teamwork player



  • Working in International projects
  • Product development involvement
  • Multidisciplinar and multicultural environment
    Flexi-time working hours
  • Fridays afternoon off
  • A productive work environment.
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Fullstack Developer

IRIS is an advanced engineering company specialized in process monitoring and control solutions and state-of-the-art technologies for process monitoring and control solutions and cutting-edge technologies for process optimization. process ptimization. We are looking for a Fullstack web developer to join our software development team. software development team. We are working in a high erformance place where you will be able to grow professionally.


Job functions:

  • Fast, scalable and highly available web application development.
  • Tested and optimized code of high performance and high quality.
  • Work in an agile environment.
  • Participate in problem solving and lead efforts towards solutions.


Key requirements:

  • Degree in computer engineering or similar.
  • 2 years of experience as a Full Stack Developer.
  • Familiar with the following technologies: NodeJS, Typescript, Angular, Express,
    TypeOrm, PostgresSQL, Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes.
  • It will be a plus if you have experience in NestJS, Google Cloud or AWS, Microservices,
    Kafka or RabbitMq working with microservices architectures.


What we offer:

  • Participation in product development
  • Flexible working hours
  • Friday afternoons off
  • Multidisciplinary and multicultural work environment.
  • Productive work environment
  • 23 working days of vacation + holidays
  • Restaurant Ticket, Transportation Ticket, Optional Day Care Ticket)


Social benefits:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Telework
  • Medical insurance
  • Restaurant voucher
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Data Science Specialist

From IRIS, we are seeking a candidate to work on an advanced AI resource planning, optimization and information retrieval system, whose key aspects include a multi-agent system, multiple constraints (resources, time) and priorities (projects) to assign optimally the resources to the projects. Also, data curation, analysis, modelling, quality assurance and processing will be key activities, for different data types (textual, categorical, numerical). Incorporation in a highly qualified team, technically leading-edge AI deployment for a real application dedicated to complex workplace planning, control and monitoring.



The ideal candidate should possess: –

  • Ph.D. qualification
  • Strong applied programming skills with demonstrable track record in one of the following languages: Java, C++, Python (other languages will be considered).
  • Experience in the AI systems development for data processing and optimization will be valued, especially multi-agent system software and machine learning, together with data analytics and modelling.
  • Proficiency in version control tools (Git)
  • Knowledge of relational databases (SQL)
  • Key soft skills required are ability to work in a team, learn new concepts, enthusiasm, ability to implement a given design/conceptual specification, autonomy in problem solving, good communication skills, good written and spoken English.


What we offer:

  • Participation in product development
  • Flexible working hours
  • Friday afternoons off
  • Multidisciplinary and multicultural work environment.
  • Productive work environment
  • 23 working days of holidays
  • Flexible remote or hybrid work formats can be considered
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Project Manager R&D and Proposal Writer

The Project Management Office (PMO) at IRIS provides business management services to support the award and implementation of public funded innovation R&D projects. This includes projects from many different international, national and regional funding schemes. Moreover, the PMO office coordinates the proposal development and leads the implementation phase of these projects and the technical teams involved.


IRIS work is committed to supporting the transition to the Industry 4.0 paradigm, the Circular Economy and the Bioeconomy by covering the following R&D areas:

  • Application of optical (photonics) technologies and sensorization for real-time monitoring of production processes and quality control.
  • Data Processing & Analytics for predictive modelling and process automation
  • ICTs as a key enabler for Digitisation in Industry and Society.


  • Objectives
  • Responsible for managing the implementation of ongoing R&D projects (including overall internal coordination, reporting and quality assurance)
  • Responsible for drafting project plans, managing R&D teams, directing and monitoring work efforts on a daily basis, identifying resource needs, performing quality reviews, and identifying, assessing and escalating issues as necessary.
  • Responsible for proposal writing and coordination (including budget preparation and partner acquisition) to secure the funding of projects in the key business lines for the company.
  • Responsible for building and maintaining a network of contacts and leveraging this network towards funding acquisition
  • Working closely with the European Commission and partner organisations, providing a communication link between all collaborating organisations, stakeholders and end-users.
  • Ensuring compliance with IRIS internal policies, procedures and standards.




  • Master Degree in Engineering/ICT with experience in Research and/or Industrial environments for at least 3 years.
  • A proven track record of proposals and bids for public funding (e.g. Horizon Europe, Tenders, etc.)
  • A focus on R&D&I activities in the range of TRL5 to TRL8
  • Interest on IT Tools and Digital Transformation
  • Self-motivated creative thinkers that can build and maintain their own pipeline of proposals
  • Team players with the ability to work independently and on their own initiative
  • Good communication and organizational skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure and respect strict deadlines.
  • Fluency in English is a must (both written and spoken)
  • Willingness to travel and adaptation to Working from Home as necessary.



  • Knowledge of Innovation Management (IPR and Exploitation)
  • Experience in spec-gathering and communication among stakeholders.
  • Familiarity with one or several Key Enabling Technologies (KETs).
  • Established network of key contacts in research funding organizations, including National Contact Points and EU Project Officers, and extensive knowledge of EU Funding Programmes.
  • Experience on defining impact assessment and Business Modelling for R&D Innovative Projects.



  • Working for an international, dynamic and growing company, in the top 5 Spanish SMEs in European Funding Schemes (H2020)
  • Working with major European industries and research centres on leading edge technologies.
  • A vibrant multidisciplinary and multicultural environment.
  • Access to benefits (transport and restaurant card) and group insurance scheme
  • Competitive compensation package.
  • Flexible schedule and working from home compatibility
  • Fridays afternoon off