NUMB3RS REVISIT∃D: putting the Science into Data Science

22 Jun, 2017

David Nettleton


Numb3rs was a TV crime series which had as its backdrop different themes related with numbers and mathematics. One of the objectives was to promote numeracy among the populace and it was actually assessed by a team of real mathematicians to guarantee its veracity and authenticity. Each episode covered specific mathematical themes. For example, in […]


#Tech4.0: Photonics and SMAC as key enablers for Digital Transformation

09 Jun, 2017



As an advanced engineering company that is developing high tech photonics and SMAC-based solutions for advanced monitoring and control in industry, for us it was important to have a prominent presence as the Digital Enterprise Show (#DES2017) in Madrid last 23-25 May. There is a huge amount of talk around paradigms such as Industry 4.0 […]


Duckweed double duty in pig slurry bioremediation

01 Jun, 2017

Mercedes Aleman


As meat consumption grows worldwide, intensive livestock production is predicted to keep increasing, and consequently the amounts of manure. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) pig farming is currently the main source of animal protein for human nutrition. Pig slurry, manure plus liquid waste of farms, is a rich […]


Better bio (1st issue): The highest performance material on Earth is now bio!

17 May, 2017

Elodie Bugnicourt


Not only bio sourcing is often more sustainable (not by essence, but because it comes with a renewable credential), it can also sometimes exceed the properties of other materials. Let’s take a few examples starting with one that made a buzz in the recent weeks: Graphene has been at the core of intensive research for […]


Advanced Factories Congress/Expo

09 May, 2017

David Nettleton


During the 4th to 6th of April the Advanced Factories Congress and Expo was held in Barcelona (Spain). In this congress, some of the latest technology and approaches for factory automation were on display. This new generation of industrial development is also known as Industry 4.0, which has become a buzzword for the next industrial […]


Can food wastes be used to drive our future automobiles?

25 Apr, 2017

Arunima Nayak


Carbon black is used as a predominant filler and constitutes approximately 32% of the rubber tires. It plays a key role in improving properties important to tire manufacturing and tire performance, i.e. to improve durability and strength for longer lifetime and improved performance. Carbon Black distributes and absorbs stress applied to a rubber component and […]


The uberification of manufacturing

19 Apr, 2017

Gianluca Belotti


Whether you’re looking for something to eat for dinner, a ride to the airport, or an accommodation for your holidays, probably there’s an app in your mobile phone that fits your case. That’s the basis of the on-demand economy: satisfying an instantaneous need through a specific solution  delivered in mobility or at your place. The […]


Artificial meat production – theory or practice?

04 Apr, 2017

Edurne Gaston


Experts have been debating about the possibility of creating artificial meat for many years. Now it´s happening. Jumping from theory to practice, though, implies several health and ethics considerations that should not be ignored. The facts. Following the creation of artificial meatballs last year, the San Francisco-based Memphis Meats startup have now announced the world’s […]


Food waste valorisation: new horizons for a more sustainable society

28 Mar, 2017

Arunima Nayak


  The processing of agro-food has increased considerably during the last 25 years mainly on account of feeding the rising population. The result is the simultaneous generation of food processing wastes.  A statistical study done by Baiano [1] reveals that about 26% of food wastes are generated from the drinks industry, followed by the dairy […]


Quality by coincidence or by design? Data mining for quality control

16 Mar, 2017



By David F.Nettleton (Ph.D.) and Elodie Bugnicourt (Ph.D.) Quality by coincidence? This is unlikely. Quality is much more likely to be the result of the right combination of a diversity of processes, raw materials, and external parameters. In fact, any quality control manager would know that for complex products, whatever the number and type of […]