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IRIS is a Deep-Tech Engineering company specialised in Real Time Monitoring and Industrial Artificial Intelligence Solutions for driving improved process quality and efficiency in the Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and other Process Industries.

Our value focus is centred on Industrial Digital Transformation to bring companies into the Industry 4.0 Revolution.

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Real-Time Monitoring

We combine Photonics and ICTs to develop and integrate Spectroscopy-based analyzers -NIR- and turnkey solutions into manufacturing lines (Lab2Line) and right along the value chain (Lab2Chain).


Industrial AI & Digital Platforms

Engineering high performance digital platforms applying Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to convert data into actionable information for improving the resource efficiency, sustainability, circularity, customer orientation, and competitiveness of our clients.


Innovation Lab

We participate actively in the European Open Innovation ecosystem, the new knowhow and IP from which we channel into state-of-the-art products and services that push the limits of technology for the benefit of our clients.


Benefits of working with IRIS

We listen to you

We listen accurately to your problems, understand them and deliver the best solution. Each solution is flexible and adapted to your needs.

Turnkey solutions provider

We lever our hardware and software technology platform to customise the best solution for your industry context. We work hand-in-hand with you in a seamless cocreation process, until we commission the final solution in your plant.

Experts in what we do

We are a multidisciplinary and experienced team having delivered numerous projects in PAT, Photonics, IoT, and ICTs. We have the know-how and creativity to tackle the toughest of Industry 4.0 challenges.


The use of the VISUM Palm represents a huge revolution in terms of keeping the quality of the processes under control. It brings us real-time and reliable information and cost-saving data about total acidity and the content of the polar components in the frying oil of the production line. VISUM Palm also gives us useful data to determine the quality of fried products, like moisture and fat percentages. This functionality helps to save on arduous lab tasks and allows our employees to focus on other high value-added duties. The return on investment is clear and well founded.

Marina Diana

Scientific Research Manager at EUROPASTRY, S.A.

At Almirall, we are committed to quality, innovation and the continuous improvement to make our processes more effective and efficient. For this reason, last year we incorporated into our quality control laboratory the new VISUM Palm analyzer, intended, in our case, for the online determination of different quality parameters in multiple products. Thanks to the excellent communication between IRIS Technology Solutions and Almirall, the process of developing the Machine Learning models and qualifying the device for our technical requirements has been fluid and agile. At Almirall, we know that this is only the first step on a prosperous path together with IRIS towards the implementation of other PAT solutions, framed in our commitment to the Industry 4.0 paradigm.

José Martínez

Industrial Pharmaceutical Development Manager at Almirall

Thanks to the good work done between the teams of IRIS Technology and GESCASER, we have been able to get a great benefit from the end-to-end solutions development they have done for us with CTC+, a software capable of providing very detailed information of the stored grain quality as well as adding a prediction system, based on artificial intelligence tools, which learns from previous experiences in the silo, improving the efficiency of the ventilation system. For GESCASER, this software has been a qualitative leap that our customers have been grateful for.

Amadeu Casañé

Chief executive officer at GESCASER

IRIS is a clear example of how an SME can greatly contribute to SPIRE 8 founding sectors. IRIS’ commitment since the moment they joined the association has overcome the expectations. They have a technical and human well-balanced professional team, with a high and great engagement to face challenges and pursue excellence. No doubt their vision has allowed them to seize every opportunity of belonging to our community and find new market opportunities.

Àngels Orduña Cao

Executive Director A. SPIRE

All and all, VISUM Palm is a solid piece of equipment that is portable, user-friendly and has a lot of potential. We and Prof Elliott’s team are working in the area of food authenticity and vegetable oil speciation for a number of years now and looking for opportunities to make the analysis fast, portable and cost-effective. With the right application the VisumPalm ticks all the boxes.

Dr. Tassos Koidis’ team

Research Leader and Lecturer in Food Science and Nutrition at Queen's University Belfast

Within the framework of a European research project, Optoprecision GmbH has been working closely with the experts from IRIS for several years. In an excellent working atmosphere between the colleagues of both companies, highly professional software solutions were efficiently developed, which were tailored to the application needs in close cooperation between several partners.

Markus Nägele, PhD

Head of Department Analysis Technology at OptoPrecision GmbH

Under the framework of the EU funded H2020 project, Agrimax, in Nofima we have been testing the feasibility of selected rapid and non-destructive sensors for monitoring and controlling different extraction processes. Testing the dry matter content in cutin paste monitoring, an expensive and high-resolution lab instrument from a leading brand has been compared with the hand-held VISUM Palm, yielding strikingly similar results. While both systems were capable of performing the analysis with the same level of accuracy, the VISUM PALM offers the added advantage of measuring on a quite small spot, thereby enabling high-quality spectra to also be obtained from hard and bulk samples.

Dr. Jens Petter Wold

Senior scientist at Nofima

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