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Artificial Intelligence as a Predictive Maintenance tool

Predictive Maintenance
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Artificial Intelligence as a Predictive Maintenance tool

Together with the company mAbxience, specialized in the development, manufacture and marketing of biopharmaceuticals, we developed data models based on supervised machine learning techniques that after 4 years of work resulted in an AI-based Predictive Maintenance System in the plant facilities of the water for injections (WFI) process of mAbxience in Spain, published in the January-February Edition of the Pharmaceutical-Engineering Magazine.

The work demonstrates the effectiveness of machine learning models, built from the information generated by 31 sensors, 14 alarms and water quality indicators, to identify and predict anomalies within a warning time window (14 days) that is feasible for the preventive and predictive maintenance teams to make the corresponding adjustments in the areas and components of the plant identified by the algorithm.

Initial results show that the models are robust and able to identify the chosen anomalous events. In addition, the rule induction approach to machine learning (a technique that creates “if-then-else” rules from a set of input variables and one output variable) is “white box”, which means that the models are easily readable by humans and can be deployed in any programming language.

IRIS thanks mAbxience and the WFI plant technicians for their collaboration.

Read the full article here.

By IRIS Technology Solutions
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24th International Conference on Optical Network Design and Modelling (ONDM)

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From 18th to 21st May will take place the 24th International Conference on Optical Network Design and Modelling (ONDM), a great conference for sharing the latest insights of academic and industrial research on optical networking.

The conference addresses cutting-edge research in established areas of optical networking and their adoption in support of a wide variety of new services and applications regarding 5G, data-center networking, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud/edge computing and content delivery, Big Data, Data Analytics, network telemetry, and Machine Learning.

Today from 9:00 to 13:00 in Castelldefels, Barcelona, is held the ‘5G: new industrial revolution or only higher bandwidth?’ workshop organized by Andrea DI GIGLIO (TIM), Marija FURDEK (CHALMERS UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY) in which participate great speakers from many important companies. Among them, Matteo Grandi, IT Project and Innovation Manager at IRIS Technology, will share their knowledge in 5G to the rest of attendees through his presentation ‘Reshaping the Industry through 5G’.

This workshop will present and discuss the industrial revolution due to 5G. All issues related to the industry will be touched upon (Industry 4.0, factory of the future, smart energy, logistic, and smart ports). The workshop, through interventions by experts from the world of both telecommunications and industry, has the ambition to shed light. The question is: while 4G allows for always-on connectivity, will 5G offer us only higher bandwidth and shorter latency, or will it enable services that were unthinkable until now, that will reshape the world of industry and our lives?

Don’t miss this opportunity of being up to date in the new technologies that are shaping our future.

You can do your registration to the online workshop for free in the following link 

By Lorena Vázquez