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Digitalization, Industry-4-0 9 September 2021
IRIS presents at Expoquimia 2021 its NIR and Raman applications for on-line process control.
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Next Wednesday September 15 at 10 am, in the framework of the panel organized by ACCIÓ at Expoquimia called “Industry 4.0 Marketplace in the chemical, plastics and pharmaceutical sectors”, Joan Puig, Deputy Director of IRIS, will present some relevant industrial projects where NIR and Raman spectroscopy has been applied in integrated solutions to production lines in real time.

Both spectroscopic techniques that IRIS works with and incorporated in its Visum® line of devices promote the digitization of quality and process control, without the need to resort to traditional laboratory and sampling techniques, and have a direct impact on time-to-market and quality standardization throughout the entire production process.

By IRIS Technology Solutions

Last week, the VISUM® team participated in Food 4 Future in Bilbao, where the entire food and beverage industry was invited. In parallel, networking activities and the Congress took place, where Alejandro Rosales, Science and Technology Manager at IRIS presented “Spectroscopy and machine learning: 4.0 tools for process control and food safety”.

It is important to highlight the growing interest of the industry in the digitization of processes, including those aimed at optimizing quality and making costs more efficient.


By IRIS Technology Solutions
Digitalization, Innovation, Pharma-4-0 3 June 2021
IRIS presents its VISUM® real-time quality monitoring devices for pharmaceutical companies.
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Read the complete press release in Farmespaña Industrial “Especial Ingeniería Farmacéutica”.

By IRIS Technology Solutions
Digitalization, Industry-4-0 26 May 2021
IRIS will participate in FoodTech: FOOD 4 FUTURE – BILBAO 2021 | June 15 – 17
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After a long break of physical social interaction and with recharged energies, we are back to the big trade shows and conventions of the year, this time, participating in FoodTech: Food 4 Future (F4F), which will take place at the Bilbao Exhibition Center, in Bilbao, from June 15 to 17.

F4F condenses the offer of technological innovation and industry 4.0 for the food chain and is the meeting place of this 2021 for all professionals or technicians in the sector. Whether to learn about the most innovative solutions to promote the digital transformation of the company, to return to networking -real-, or to participate in the Food 4 Future World Summit, the largest European congress on innovation technology in the food and beverage industry.


Where to find us?

We will be present at Stand F620 in Hall 1 of the exhibition center. You will also be able to listen to us as speakers at the Congress, where our Science and Technology Manager, Phd. Alejandro Rosales, will talk about “Spectroscopy and machine learning 4.0 tools for process control and food safety”.


We are waiting for you!

By IRIS Technology Solutions
Industry-4-0, Innovation 14 May 2021
IRIS Technology among the Top 10 Spanish mechanical engineering startups of 2021
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The company IRIS Technology, is awarded in the ranking “Top Mechanical Engineering Startups in Spain 2021”, elaborated by the British portal ““, in the position Nº6 of the most innovative companies in the mechanical engineering industry and worth following this year. bases its selection on the performance of companies in categories such as: innovation, innovative ideas, innovative route to market, innovative product, growth, exponential growth, exponential growth strategy, management and social impact. Look the entire publication here.

About IRIS Technology

IRIS ( is an advanced engineering company that manufactures PAT systems for in-line process and quality control in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries with its own devices registered under the VISUM Devices trademark. As a manufacturer, it realizes tailor-made solutions and ad-hoc configurations for different processes and analytical or control needs, from the actual engineering development to the specific chemometric modeling. In addition, it actively collaborates in numerous EU innovation projects with international partners and has in its staff physicists, mathematicians, chemometricians, opticians, engineers, software developers and highly specialized profiles from the world of science and technology.

By IRIS Technology Solutions
Digitalization, Industry-4-0 4 May 2021
New financial aid from ACCIÓ for the development of Industry 4.0 projects in Catalonia.
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To promote the development and adaptation of SMEs to new consumer trends, the Agency for the Competitiveness of the Company (ACCIÓ) has initiated a financing process through the “ACCIÓ coupons for the competitiveness of the company”.

These coupons translate into a direct economic funding of up to 20,000 € that the applicant SMEs can exchange for an expert service in internationalization, innovation, new technologies, financing or strategy.

Since April in IRIS we are accredited as service providers within the ACCIÓ program (the supplier certificate is attributed to a person within each company, in our case, we have three accredited consultants).

These coupons provide access to the SMEs of Catalonia to be able to carry out with the IRIS service turnkey projects for process monitoring and quality control in real time with NIR spectroscopy and at different critical control points from the receipt of raw materials, manufacturing processes to the final quality control.

For this, we have our line of NIR analyzers “VISUM”, configurable and adaptable to different needs and production lines, from its portable version for at-line analysis or in the field, to those that can be integrated in conveyor belts or pipelines for the control of content uniformity, homogeneity, chemical composition, foreign bodies or other purposes in real time.

If you want to know more about the VISUM family, please visit our website or write us at




By IRIS Technology Solutions
Digitalization 23 April 2021
IRIS presents the VISUM line with the Galician Food Cluster
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On March 30, IRIS Technology Solutions participated in the webinar “HSI-FOOD: Hyperspectral photonic technology for the determination of quality parameters in food”, organized by the Food Cluster of Galicia (CLUSAGA) as part of the closing of the HSI-FOOD project.

Also participating were the National Association of Canned Fish Manufacturers ANFACO-CECOPESCA and the companies Freshcut and Lugar da Veiga, who presented their projects in the field of hyperspectral technology applied to their manufacturing processes and their results. IRIS presented cases of application of this technology in different industries of the sector, as well as the existing devices and solutions manufactured under the VISUM brand for the food sector.

By IRIS Technology Solutions

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a year of adaptation, of pivoting, of resilience. A year that has unearthed the strengths, the grit, and the commitment of people to keep pushing forward.

In as much as 2020 will be remembered as a year that accelerated change and transformation in how we communicate, how we work, how we learn, how we engage and how we do business, it will also be remember as the year when society as we know it hit the ‘reset’ button.

At the individual level, it’s a year that has shone a light on our priorities, on what is important to us. It is a year that has rekindled an appreciation for the basic things in life: family and friends, pristine nature, the ability to get out in the fresh air and exercise, the importance of access to a secure supply of healthy and locally sourced food, …

At the political level, and particularly in Europe, we are hearing more and more about the importance of a sustainable and green Recovery, in digital and manufacturing sovereignty, of ensuring security of supply, in promoting our local economies, among others.

At the industry level, while there has been a buzz of rapid transformation to adapt and thrive, in IRIS, as in many companies, it’s also been a time for consolidation. Consolidation of our teams, our technology, our values, and of our relationships with our partners and our clients. We have also consolidated and validated a transformation started years ago in digitising how we work, how we connect, how we manage and how we engage. This meant that we were ready for the overnight remote working shift.

As 2020 comes to a close, we look towards 2021 with a sense of anticipation and an energy for seizing the opportunities that lie ahead. In preparation for ‘the New’, we have taken the time to reflect on our evolution to date and we have used our learnings to sharpened the message around our key role in the digitisation of industry in our renewed website. We have also refreshed our logo by anchoring it in our core photonics specialisation with an adaptation of light breaking into its constituent spectral colours. Just like the year gone by, this logo brings everything into focus. It brings us back to basics.